First Place at @Cosme Ranking in Japan

July 10, 2019

First Place at @Cosme Ranking in Japan

Ionic Toothbrush KISS YOU won first place in the Cosmetics & Beauty General Information Site @cosme Ranking!* [Toothbrush / Dental Floss Category (Aggregation Period: 2019/04/1 to 2019/06/30)]

The coveted prize is the result of people loving KISS YOU and spreading their appreciation through social media. Going forward, we will continue to make every effort to support higher-quality oral care with ionic toothbrushes for your oral and overall health.

We’re grateful for your continued patronage!

*The @cosme ranking is a fair, proprietary ranking that eliminates intentionally-damaging posts by utilizing a member reliability system and counting method calculated uniquely by @cosme based on number of reviews and recommendations.