EXD36WH (D96W)-1

Wide Brush Head


Wide Body Replacement Brush Head

The largest brush head model in our lineup. Fits IONPA DH and IONPA DP. Wide brush head with extended filament leaves no plaque behind.


Contents 2 replacement brush heads
Size  • Length: 3"
• Width: 0.63" (at the widest part)
• Filament Length: 0.5"
Compatible with IONPA DH / IONPA DP

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nina Canal
different brush head

I ordered the softer gum safe brush heads and love them, but the small ones are great as well and have floss like fimne bristles

Scott R.
Love your ionic tooth brush!

I Love your Ionic Toothbrush.Its the greatest Oral Spa Device ever devised. I have used then for years but this new electric one you created is the premier application of the concept. Im on my 5 or 6th Brush and Ive recommended it to everyone I hold dear.The oversized brush heads I purchased make the experience further amplified exponentially raising the bar further making the best Oral Spa even more phenomenal and head and shoulders above any toothbrush in the World.

Thank you gentlemen for your deligence and creative ingenuity in making this producf. My hat comes off to you.

Judy S.
Great toothbrush

Well, I love the regular size toothbrush and it does really clean my teeth very well. However, I went on a trip last weekend and the travel one didn’t work at all. I put in a new battery and it still didn’t work. Very disappointed as I didn’t take another toothbrush with me,. Had to get one from the hotel.:(. Hopefully, I can can send it back and get a another one. I love the red color!! It’s definitely me!!

I love it & I can't live without it!

My favorite type of brush head! Why I love it: It's a HUGE time-saver.